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Create Email Newsletters

Select one out of 600 proffessionally designed templates sorted into 24 categories and start editing it into emails that can convert and  create real profit. Creating a layout with embedded email editor in our email marketer is so easy to do that  you will create your email quickly like a professional.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Video/Image Embedding

Embedd autoplay videos automatically on opening the email.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmark Sharing buttons can be added in your email content of over 24 social media sites including facebook, twitter, linkedin , pinterest, reddit etc..


Message composing is achieved through the powerful visual HTML editor with code access, CHARSET definition and the ability to insert completely customizable field tags

Embedded image,video and attachments

Generate best newsletters with attachments and embedded images/videos. Each email message can contain file attachments (Zip, Doc, Pdf…).

Personalized email for each recepient

Personalized emails (“Dear Mr. Ann Joe”, instead of “Dear customer”) will be automatically generated for each recepient . Each email you send is made unique by the mail merge and mail personalization features in our email marketer.

Spam Score Checker

Remove all spam contents from your  emails for getting inbox delivery. Optimize your content using suggestions provided by our Email marketer’s Spam Score checkerfor for 100% Inboxing.

EMail List Management

Building permission based list with website forms integration quickly and easily. You can integrate customizable web forms in your website , where your users can subscribe in a few clicks.These  data collected can be saved in one or more lists. These can be used to send targeted  messages.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe through Email or Web Form

Our Email marketer can automatically manage subscriptions (and unsubscriptions). The software downloads new email messages from the POP3 account, verifies the subject and updates the related distribution list. Each list is associated with an e-mail address.The emails with “Subscribe” in the subject line is is found inthis  e-mail address the sender is added to the list. If the subject is “Unsubscribe” , the sender gets deleted (if he/she had previously subscribed)from the list.

Integration with your website Form Script

Our Email marketr provides scripts for website forms for both ASP and LINUX(PHP) based websites. You need to copy the code to your contact us page in website and customize the fields to collect form data. The data entered by your visitors can be imported into our email marketer automatically in a single click.

Processing Bounce backs and black listing.

Bounce-backs are automatically recognized, and originating addresses can be either disabled or deleted from the lists. Define lists of addresses or domains in blacklisting option,which will be automatically excluded from mailings.

Import Contacts From Multiple Sources

Our free Email marketer allows you to import contacts with full fields from MS Excel, Clipboard, POP3 email accounts, .txt files . You can also import data from  MS SQL and MySQL databases using the CRM section . MS Excel ,csv files with multiple columns like first name, postal address etc can be used for personalizing your email using subject and email body personalization feature.

Maintain Unlimited recepients with unlimited lists

Unlike other email service providers, our email marketer donot restrict users based on number of contacts. You can create unlimited lists with unlimited recipients in each list.

Advanced data filter

You can filter contacts in your list using various options , select multiple emails and mark it as unsubscribers, disable. Copy-paste or delete mass emails with a single click.

Uninterupted Sending of email campaign

Multiple SMTPs can be added into the SMTP ROTATION LIST to send more number of emails at once. Popular SMTP which our clients use is g-suite by google (google apps). Our clients order atleast 10 user accounts with g-suite and add all of them to the list and send 500*10=5000 emails daily in a single click. (Cost of g-suite smtp is only $3 per month per user account). Signup for g-suite smtp here –

Multiple SMTP servers can be used in rotation

 You can set multiple SMTP configurations. Smtps will be used one after the other for each email sending, allowing you to send more emails if a single smtp have limitations on the number of emails sent.

Complete previous mailings

If your campaign sending gets interrupted due to internet connection break or computer crash or mail-pause button click, you can resend the campaign unsend addresses in the previous mailing.

Block duplicate emails

Our email marketer has marketing automation tools like automatic duplicate filter which prevents sending emails to duplicate addresses.

Multi-threaded simultaeous sending

Our email marketer sends email by establishing 50 connections simultaneously,which will give you increased speed of delivery than any other email marketing software.

Scheduled mailings for later

Now users can create a campaign and let our Email marketer send it later automatically, at a given day and time. The scheduling can be done for one time, for daily, for mothly etc

View history of each campaigns.

You can see all the email campaigns  you have done in the past and its statistics without leaving the software. This will let you organize your future mailings effectively.

Analyze results of email campaigns

Our free email marketer and Google Analytics will let you know if, after reading your emails, customers have purchased your products, filled up forms in your website or made any other actions. Our FREE delivery tracking portal helps for viewing opens, clicks and geolocation of recipients. You can also export opened and clicked email addresses to ms excel from our portal –

Integrated with Google Analytics

Google Analytics, the powerful website traffic analyzing tool by Google is integrated to check your campaigns opens, click rates and conversions. Get answers to your questions like  how many sales you got from each email campaign by putting the conversion code on thankyou page of your website where visitor lands on after making the online purchase.

Email Delivery Tracking Portal For Free

You can view detailed graphical track reports of opens and Clicks of your emails. Complete list of links clicked , emails opened for exporting into msexcel.  You will also get geolocations of your recipients from our delivery tracking portal.

Export tracking data for Furute analysis

From our free email delivery tracking software – you can export opened email addresses and clicked email addresses to ms excel for sending followup campaigns only to people who have opened / clicked your first mailing campaign.

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Create, send and track UNLIMITED email campaigns for Free with lifetime validty.


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All your email lists will be located in your PC , no need of third parties. 100% Privacy and 100% Security assured.


Create beautiful layouts for your emails using our brand new HTML editor with video embedding functionality included.