Leads Extractor

        Having a workflow automation software like Leads extractor in place will reduce manual processes in your business. Leads Extractor is an intelligent tool for extracting business contacts from websites.

        This Google Chrome extention  automates extraction of unlimited business and consumer leads with full details like Full name, Location, Company Name, Website url, Phone number, Email ids, Address, City, State, Pincode, no.of ratings & reviews and content ID.

        All  extracted data will be effectively organized in a csv file automatically, saving your countless working hours.


Features Of Leads Extractor


Wide search

Specify multiple keywords and multiple locations in the same search. It Extracts unlimited business and consumer leads based on the keywords and locations specifiied. You will get full details like full name, Location, company name, website url, Phone number, Email ids, Address, City, State, Pincode, number of ratings and reviews and content ID.

Simple to use

No need to install anything. Contacts Finder can be Easily added to chrome browser and upgrade, since it is a chrome extension. Also you can use your contacts finder in another computer without any hassle of uninstallation and installation.

Easy filtering of search results

Search bar searches within the results table and filters the records matching your search word.

Exporting Results

Download your extracted results to a local excel or csv file.

Most efficient and recommended usage.

Most recommended and efficient usage of Leads Extractor is to search for mobile numbers of target audience and use whatsapp broadcaster tool or whatsapp api to reach out to the leads.


Comparison with other lead generation tools.

Other lead generation softwares available in the market charges per each lead a user generate using it. Using our Leads extractor  customers can extract unlimited leads without any restriction and use the software for a lifetime for a one time payment. No recurring charges.

Most Efficient Use Of Leads Extractor

Leads Extractor can be integrated in outbound marketing workflow. Suppose if you are a company manufacturing or suppying medical equipments. Then find the full contact details of doctors and  clinics in any particular city / state / country first.  Use the phone contacts in extracted data to send a bulk sms / bulk whatsapp campaign with your advertisement. You can also send a cold email marketing campaign to the email ids in the extracted leads.

Leads Extractor can also be used for generating leads for tele calling/tele marketing.  The data extracted are  authentic and upto date contact details of your target audience with 100% accuracy. So these marketing strategies are highly effective than the other expensive advertising methods like google ads, facebook ads or search engine optimization to bring traffic to your website.

Connect with Key People:Since the contact details of owners of businesses are extracted, not just the company reception, these contacts are of key decision makers’ which are highly convertible to sale.