Email Verifier

Research shows us that email is still the best channel to reach people on, even with the increase in popularity of social media and other messaging platforms. Email users are anticipated to continue growing. Obviously Email marketing is a great tool to help you grow your business. But it all starts by building a good email list first, which ultimately enables you to create quality leads that can then be nurtured through the sales funnel.

Why Email verifier is important?

Consumers purchasing through email offers spend 150% more than those who didn’t receive email offers. But more than 50% of people intentionaly provide incorrect information online and more than 11% of personal data entered in contact forms, checkout etc are invalid. The incorrectness increases if data is entered through phones.

The hard bounces caused by these invalid email ids causes black listing  and servers won’t accept your messages. Thus even your vital transactional messages stops reaching the mailbox. So you must clean your email list regularly using email verifier.

Why Our Email verifier is better?

Our email verifier is costeffective,reliable and scalable. Other email verification services in internet deploys email credit system. So you must pay per each email id. User can verify  small or large  email lists at a fixed price using our email verifier. User will get all the functionalities and features of other email verifiers and can verify unlimited email addresses without any limitation in our email verifier by paying a fixed price.  Since our email verifier is desktop based no need to pay server maintenance charges as in other cloud based email verifiers.

Benefits of Email verifier

Ascertains accuracy of data

 Email verification indicates the efficiency of your data collection techniques. If emal verifier detects large number of invalid data, then you must improve your data collecction methods.

Protect sender reputation

The cleaned quality leads ensures email deliverability. Also when you are sending to tareted customers there is no chance of  rejection or spam marking by the recepients. Lower bounce rate, high inbox delivery and lower spam complaints will increase and protect your sender reputation.

Increase campaign ROI

 After email verification only quality emails will remain, which reduces email bounces and  will save your email sending cost as you are sending only to authentic recepients. Since your recepients are genuine spam complaints decreases and ROI increases.

Provides reliable data to your sales team

 If your list is not cleaned your sales persons will be shooting to the dark. It will waste their effort and your money both. Quality data motivates your sales team to work efficiently.

Shows accurate insight

 All email addresses will be accurate and deliverable. So all activity taken by your recipients will be precise and reliable for you to examine, since each and every reaction is authentic.

Email Verification Process

During verification process each email id undergoes various validation checks before marking as valid or invalid.


Syntax Check

First step performs “syntax” checks and ensure that each email address conforms to internationally set email standards (RFC). This also checks for correct formatting and for presence of any invalid characters are not present in the email addresses.

MX Look up

Next step checks that the domain has been configured to accept emails (MX record lookup).

Domain Look up

Second step checks for the domain name (the part after @)existence.

User Exists or not

The Last step is to check if the user(the part before @) exists. We initiate a connection to the mail server, retrieve the response and abort the process before an email is sent. Morphy Email Verifier cannot verify yahoo , hotmail and aol mailboxes since these ESPs has blocked the verification requests from all third party verifier softwares. It can verify all other mailboxes including gmail.

Email Verifier Features

  • Multiple checks for accurate validation : Syntax check  to confirm if an email address conforms to internationally set email standards .  This also checks for correct formatting and for presence of any invalid characters are not present in the email addresses.  Domain check and mx lookup allows you to be sure the domain name the email address is hosted on actually exists, is registered and working properly on the hosting domain. Email ping is the most sophisticated step of email verification. Email ping is the technical process of an email verifier service pinging the exact email address with a HELO message, then awaiting the ELHO response from the recepient’s email server. The received server-response will confirm if email address actually exists on the server and is active.
  • No data loss : Export validated email ids along with all other fields (like name, address, phone etc)to a local csv or txt file. You can also export invalid ids.
  • Scalability : Email verifier service can verify small lists and large email lists with the same accuracy. Though checking bigger email lists takes longer, it  still takes less time to finish the process.
  • Speed : Normal speed is 400 records per minute. All input fields in csv file will be retained in the validated output file.
  • Connectivity : Our email verifier can verify both csv and txt files and output the result in both csv and txt format. Since CSV and TXT are the most common file formats used in email marketing add-ons for handling bulk contacts, our email verifier can be easily incorporated within any email marketing process. Since it follows the standared file formats you can easily connect it with your email verifier or can be  integrated with other  email marketing add-ons such as email generation tools, email sending tools, email list management tools and more.